Bioanalytical laboratory

We offer physicochemical analysis to identify raw materials and/or final products for any kind of industry, principally pharmaceutical and chemical ones.

Available equipment

Liquid chromatography
• Two HPLC, acquired in the last two years (with IQ/OQ/PQ).
• UV, ELSD and Fluorescence detectors.
• Chromatographic columns to perform size exclusion, ionic exchange and reverse phase separations.

Gas chromatography
• Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry system.
• Autosampler carousel injector, capable of processing 150 samples.

Classic analytical techniques
• UV spectrophotometry.
• Water and reagents quality assessment by titration.
• Karl Fischer volumetric titration for moisture determination.
• Viscosity determination in range of 0,4-2500 cSt

Stability analysis
• Climatic chamber (5-50˚C, 30-90% HR)

Biological sample identification using techniques as:
• Polyacrylamide gels electrophoresis
• Western Blot
• Enzymatic digestion
• Peptide mapping