Director of Technological Management of CONICET visited Laboratorio Horian I+D

On april 11th Dr. Villa, the current Director of “Vinculación tecnológica” of CONICET, visited our facilities. Laboratorio Horian I+D is used to organize biweekly meetings and seminars in whichresearch staff members dynamically participate. These meetings have the aim of sharing information related to all the different activities that are being developed in the company. The incorporation of Dr. Villa in one of these seminars emphasizes the intention of effectively linking public and private sectorsin knowledge and technology matters.

Our company is currently under cooperation with CONICET to accomplish a project titled: “BIOFINA: Tecnología para la Preparación de Biofármacos Mejorados” (BIOFINA: Technology for biobetter pharmaceuticals preparation). We strongly believe that all the activities related to technological linkage and the synergic interactions between different actors of our National Innovation System play an increasingly important role to make progress not only in economic areas but also in a social level.